Hello my Dears!!!
Did you heard ? Turns out сulottes are in trend again and the best moment and the best thing that they have is :
no limit of variations and combinations for creating a fashion look. All we girls are princess , somebody by ancestry, someone in soul.
Anyway everyday we have to feel like a million , so that what I am going to say , will give you one more reason to feel yourselves as
a queen.

Culottes began their fashion journey from far 1757 year in France, and wear them had the
privilege and the right of exclusively aristocrats. They wore them and even didn’t expect that
culottes will live till our times.

In this look I combined culottes with suede over the knee boots by
Stuart Weitzman. I didn’t bother about what to wear on the top , because sweater is in set.
This is quite good two piece knitted set with good quality and with nice price.

Instead of over the knee boots you can
wear this set with shoes on high heels or sneakers. It will look very cool! The most important thing is to use
your imagination and choose what you like.

Finally, I want to tell you that no matter what you are wearing, and what lineage you have, just feel yourselves like queens.
And instead of arrogance, let your trump will be openness, sincerity, and goodness.

I wish you interesting days, indecently large discounts, and successful combinations.



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